American Beauty Baseball Card Display Case Home

Photo of initial full scale baseball card display case mock up

American Beauty Baseball Card Display Cases are being engineered to be the ultimate wall mounted premium option for the display of baseball cards and other sports trading cards. Our goal is to design a display case that is elegant in appearance while providing the maximum storage protection for your baseball and sports trading cards.

The overall design of our baseball card display cases was inspired by the vintage baseball card set of T206 tobacco cards. After extensive searches throughout the Internet I was unable to find a wall mounted display case that captured the antique vintage look of the dead ball era of baseball. After reaching out another collector of new and vintage sports cards about my idea to create a custom display case for my T206 cards, he informed me that he knew of many people that had done the same. Since I wasn't alone I set out to create the definitive premium baseball card display case suitable for new and old trading card collections.